Day 1: January 10, 2020 (Friday): Opening and Exhibit

Venue: Conference Room, Environmental Studies Institute, Miriam College

4:00 pm: Registration

5:30 pm:

  • Welcome Remarks: Jasmin Nario-Galace, PhD, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Center for Peace Education
  • Opening Remarks: Rommel Banlaoi, PhD, President, Philippine Association for Chinese Studies

6:00 pm: Plenary Lectures

  • Teresita Ang See - Studies on China and the Chinese as Vital Sources for Philippine Studies
  • Tina Clemente, PhD - Reviewing Chinese Studies in the Philippines and Appraising Future Directions


7:00 pm:

  • Dinner
  • Cultural Presentation by Philippine Cultural College

Day 2, January 11, 2020, Saturday: Panel Presentations

Venue: SMT Hall, Miriam College

8:00 am 9:00 am: Registration

Panel Presentations | SESSION 1| 9:00 am - 10:30 am

Panel 1: History

Lecture Room 1

Panel 2: Philippines-China Relations and Special Topics

Lecture Room 2

  • Aurora Roxas-Lim: Maritime Studies and the role of the ethnic Chinese
  • Randy Madrid, PhD: Chinese Communities in the Urbanization of Iloilo City, Philippines: History, Identity and Cultural Formation
  • Jely Galang, PhD: Chinese Vagrants and Social Outcasts in the Nineteenth-century Philippines

Moderator: Pacita Fortin. Chair, Department of Social Work

  • Chien-Wen Kung, PhD: A Government Within a Government: Nationalist China, the Philippine Military, and the Yuyitungs, 1950-1970
  • Phillip Guingona, PhD: Trading Places: Defining Diaspora through Overlapping Chinese and Filipino Migrations
  • Patrick Stein: Zheng Leaders and Spanish Colonial Philippines

Moderator: Tina Clemente, PhD, Associate Prof, Asian Center, University of the Philippines

10:30 am: Coffee Break

Panel Presentations | SESSION 2 | 10:45 am - 12:15 pm

Panel 3:   Literature and Humanities

Lecture Room 1

Panel 4:  Language and Education

Lecture Room 2

  • Arsenio Nicolas, PhD: Lineages of Chinese Music in the Philippines and Southeast Asia
  • Johanna Marie Astrid Sister: Exploring the History of Acupuncture in the Philippines
  • Ang Chak Chi and Meah Ang See: Chinese Publications and Sources: New narratives and resource on Chinese in Southeast Asia and the Philippines at the Kaisa Heritage Center

Moderator: Kebart Licayan, Miriam College

  • Fabio Yuching Lee, PhD: From Hokkien to Southeast Asian Hokkien: Case Study of the Herzog August Philippine Chinese manuscript
  • Serina Mara Alonzo: An Assessment of the Influence and Impact of the Chinese Learning Culture on Chinese Filipino Students
  • Michiko Pearl Palaran: Digital Media Representation/Identity Crisis

Moderator: Jely Galang, PhD, Faculty, Department of History, University of the Philippines

12:15 pm Lunch MMJ Foyer, SMT Building

Panel Presentations | SESSION 2 | 1:30 pm - 3 pm

Panel 5:  Family History/Genealogy

Lecture Room 1

Panel 6:  Identity

Lecture Room 2 

  • Carla Pacis: Syquia Family Biography
  • Oded Abt, PhD: Narratives of Kinship and Ethnicity across the South China Sea: The Manila Muslim Five-Surname Association
  • Eduardo Chan de la Cruz Jr.: Bridging Families, Bridging Generations

Moderator: Clarita Paulite, Miriam College

  • Niping Yan, PhD: Sangleys and the Boxer Codex: Unequal presence and the making of a Spanish manuscript in the 1590s
  • Diego Luis, PhD: An origin story of Sinophobia in the Early Philippines: Fear as Colonial Transmission

Moderator: Sharleen Cua, PACS

3:00 pm: Coffee Break

3:30 pm:  Closing Plenary

Venue: Conference Room, Environmental Studies Institute, Miriam College

  • Rommel Banlaoi, PhD: Philippines-China Counterterrorism Cooperation under the Duterte Administration, small state diplomacy with major power.
  • Richard T Chu, PhD: ‘The Chinese in Trinidad and Tobago, Panama, and Cuba: Comparative Lessons in Identity, History, and Culture for the Chinese in the Philippines
  • Reynard Hing: China Issues and Rising Ethnic Tensions and Racial Conflict: Tsinoys as Collateral Damage

5:00 pm: Closing Ceremonies

  • Synthesis
  • Closing Remarks – Meah Ang See, Managing Director Bahay Tsinoy Museum


  • Philippine Association for Chinese Studies

  • Kaisa Para Sa Kaunlaran, Inc.

  • Vibal Foundation

  • Anvil Publishing

  • Ateneo de Manila University Press